Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I stop my mask from fogging up my glasses?

A. All Ozy Masks have a built in aluminium nose strip that allows you to mold the mask to fit snugly over the nose. This will minimise fogging up reading glasses.

Q. Can I get free delivery to outside Australia?

A. All online orders get FREE delivery to all Australian addresses only by AustPost.    International orders from outside Australia are currently not accepted.

Q.Is it necessary to use the insert filter?

A. For maximum protection we recommend that filters are used. However, if you are using  the mask for exercise you may decide to remove the filter to allow for easier breathing.

Q. Are the filters reusable?

A. Yes you can wash the filters if you want. see the separate instruction sheet  download the pdf here.

Q. How do you wash the masks?

A. They are fully machine washable however we recommend hand washing. Soak in disinfectant solution for approx. 1 hour then rinse and hang dry. see mask maintenance recommendations from WHO download pdf information sheet here

Q. How is the design printed on the mask?

A. All designs at Ozy Masks are silk screen printed on to the fabric, unlike other mask makers we do not use Iron on stickers. These type of masks do not allow you to breath through the mask and can be dangerous to your health by causing a CO2 build up in your respiratory system.

Q. Why do Ozy Masks not have an exhalation valve?

A. Exhalation valves only help to spread viruses and face masks with valves defeat the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place and are not recommended or suitable to protect from viruses.

See links below for more detail

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