Geelong Cats G Face/Go Cats masks  (ADULT)

Geelong Cats G Face/Go Cats masks (ADULT)

Geelong Cats G Face mask. Be proud of your team. Wear it to the footy or wear it as street wear.  Show your clours, GO CATS!

This mask has G on one side and GO CATS on the other side. Unique design.


    Our face masks are handmade in Australia of the highest quality materials and conforms to World Health Organisation guidelines. Our unique three layers of protection will give you the peace of mind you need.

    The outerlayer is Polyseter for way stretch fabric to fit snugly to your face.

    The middle layer is an optional polypropylene filter that filters out 95% of all contaminates. It can be used when you want the eztra layer of protection.

    The inner layer is 100% cotton fabric for comfort.

    The entire mask incuding filters are fully washable and reusable.


    If you believe that your delivered product is defective or faulty in any way you can contact us for a FULL REFUND satisfaction is gauranteed so you can buy with confidence.


    All our products include FREE shipping direct to you at any Australian address using Australia Post so you can shop with confidence.

Color: Blue